What is Namespace in Kubernetes

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What is Namespace in Kubernetes

In Kubernetes, a namespace is a way to partition resources within a cluster into virtual sub-clusters. It allows you to create multiple virtual clusters backed by the same physical cluster. Each namespace provides a unique scope for the resources inside it. This enables teams or projects to share a Kubernetes cluster while still maintaining some level of isolation from each other.

By default, all objects created in Kubernetes are in the "default" namespace, but you can create additional namespaces as needed.

Namespaces also provide a way to set resource quotas and limits for the objects inside them. This helps prevent resource starvation and ensures that each namespace has access to the resources it needs.

Overall, namespaces are a powerful tool for managing large, complex Kubernetes clusters and organizing resources according to the needs of your organization or project.

What is namespace and pod in Kubernetes?

  • A namespace serves as a logical subdivision within a cluster that facilitates the grouping and isolation of resources such as pods, services, and deployments.

  • A pod, on the other hand, is the smallest deployable unit in Kubernetes and represents a single instance of a running process in the cluster.

What is difference between namespace and pod?

Namespaces are utilized for resource grouping and isolation, whereas pods are the tiniest deployable entities that can execute a single container or a closely associated group of containers.

What is node and namespace in Kubernetes?

A node is a worker machine and is responsible for running containers, while a namespace is a logical partition used to group and isolate resources within a cluster.

How many namespaces can Kubernetes handle?

The number of namespaces that Kubernetes can handle depends on the size and capacity of the cluster. There is no hard limit on the number of namespaces that can be created, but it is recommended to keep the number of namespaces small and manageable for better cluster performance.

What are all the namespaces in kube?

The K8s Cluster in launched it creates several namespaces by default, Following are the namespaces.

  • default

  • kube-system

  • kube-public

  • kube-node-lease

These namespaces are used to manage system resources and should not be modified or deleted unless necessary.

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