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Our Grafana Consulting Benefits

Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to helping you leverage the full potential of Grafana for comprehensive data visualization and analytics

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Comprehensive Metrics Insight
Gain a complete and detailed understanding of your data with our in-depth metrics analysis for informed decision-making.
Dashboards with Advanced Features and Customization Options
Experience enhanced data interaction with our dashboards, equipped with advanced features and extensive customization options.
Streamlined Infrastructure for Peak Performance
Optimize your operations with our streamlined infrastructure, engineered for achieving peak performance and efficiency.
Analyzing and Monitoring Infrastructure Logs
Efficiently analyze and monitor your infrastructure logs for enhanced system insights and proactive management.
Elevated Efficiency in Business Operations
Achieve higher operational efficiency and productivity in your business processes with our specialized solutions.
Seamless Integration with Custom Plugins
Effortlessly integrate custom plugins into your systems for a more personalized and efficient workflow.


What we offer in Grafana Consulting Services

Explore our full suite of Grafana services: custom dashboards, data integration, and performance optimization, all with expert assistance.

Grafana Advisory and Implementation

Specialized Grafana consulting for effective data visualization and analysis, with streamlined implementation, enhanced tracking, and quick response to data insights.

Custom Dashboard Design

Tailored dashboard creation for personalized data visualization, ensuring user-specific needs and preferences are met for optimal data interaction.

Data Source Integration

Seamless integration of various data sources into a unified system for efficient data access and comprehensive analysis.

Grafana Reporting and Scheduling Setup

Efficient setup of Grafana reporting and scheduling, ensuring regular, automated insights for informed decision-making.

Real-Time Alerting

Implementation of real-time alerting systems for immediate notifications and swift response to critical data changes.

Training and Enterprise support

Comprehensive training and robust enterprise support to ensure effective use and seamless management of Grafana platforms.


Clients and Testimonials

coventry warwickshire
Jupiter Investments
Equity Release Supermarket
Rise Interactive
Lincoln Property Company
Fantasy Wings
Electric Coin Co
Chalet International Properties
  • “Tasrie IT has been an incredible partner in transforming our investment management. Their DevOps solutions, including Kubernetes-based scalability and an automated CI/CD pipeline, have revolutionized our trading bot's performance. We now release features faster, make timely decisions, and focus on innovation. Tasrie IT's dedication and expertise are unmatched, and we highly recommend them.”

    Shahid Ahmed
    Shahid Ahmed
    CEO at JupiterInvestments
  • “Their team exhibited a deep understanding of our specific industry and business needs. Additionally, their ability to seamlessly integrate with our internal teams fostered a collaborative and productive work environment. Tasrie IT Services' project management was commendable. They consistently met deadlines and were responsive to our needs. Communication was clear and regular, ensuring that everyone involved was on the same page. Their proactive approach in addressing issues helped us stay on track and resolve any obstacles promptly.”

    Justin Garvin
    Justin Garvin
    @Justin Garvin
  • “The changes they made had some big benefits. Our websites and apps didn't break down as often, so our customers had a better experience. We could also update our stuff much faster, which meant we could give our customers new things to enjoy sooner. Plus, we saved a good amount of money on our bills.”

    Nora Motaweh
    Nora Motaweh
  • “Their team helped us improve how we develop and release our software. They set up automated processes that made our software releases faster and more dependable. Overall, our experience with Tasrie IT Services has been really positive. They played a crucial role in modernizing our IT setup, making it more flexible and cost-effective. While there were some initial challenges, the long-term benefits far outweighed them. Thanks to Tasrie IT Services, we can provide even better youth sports programs to our community in New York City.”

    Anthony Treyman
    Anthony Treyman
  • “Tasrie IT Services' team has successfully assisted the client with restoring and migrating their servers to prevent ransomware attacks. Tasrie IT Services leads a responsive and timely process via virtual meetings.”

    Rose Wang
    Rose Wang

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Technical Expertise

Our CNCF certified consultants, seasoned through engagements with numerous customers, are proficient in a variety of tools, including but not limited to:


What you get

When you work with us?​

At Tasrie IT, we help businesses grow exponentially by helping them adopt DevOps and cloud technologies.

Doesn't it sound like a pretty good offer?

No long term commitments
We understand that your business needs can change, so *we don't lock you into contracts.
No hidden fees
Our pricing is transparent and straightforward. We won't surprise you with any unexpected fees.
No end surprises
We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals. We'll keep you informed throughout the project and make sure you're happy with the results before we deliver.
Certified and experienced engineers
Our engineers are certified and have years of experience in the IT industry. We can help you with everything from IT support to cloud computing to web development.
You own everything
We believe in open source software and transparency. We'll give you full ownership of everything we create for you.
Wide range of payments accepted
We accept a wide range of payment methods, so you can choose the one that's most convenient for you.

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