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Navigating the Journey from Concept to Completion

Guiding your next project from the initial concept, through strategic planning and development, to a successful and impactful launch.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss your project.

  • Initial Phase


    Let's initiate the process. At this stage, we collaborate to delineate the diverse challenges and opportunities your business aims to tackle.

    • Initially, we'll engage in discussions with you to comprehend the business requirements, technical motivations, and financial budgets.
    • Subsequently, our team will conduct a thorough Technical Audit, encompassing the complete inventory of your technology stack. This includes all components and external systems or supporting services within the scope of migration.
    • Additionally, we will examine existing design documentation and code repositories.
  • Offer


    With the Discovery phase concluded, the next phase involves documenting our understanding.

    • We will collaboratively develop a Statement of Work (SoW) that outlines your definition of success and details how our team plans to execute the project to achieve that success.
    • Following this, we will provide you with an estimated bid. Through discussions, we aim to reach an agreement on the proposed cost.
    • Upon mutual agreement, representatives from both our teams will proceed to sign the Statement of Work (SoW) and Master Service Agreement (MSA).
  • Implementation


    Get ready for the journey!

    • Our project manager designs a plan in accordance to the SoW.
    • The team adapts to unforeseen circumstances, reassessing and pivoting as required.
    • Everything is logged in JIRA, revealing ongoing work and task completion times.
    • Weekly emails provide a breakdown of hours worked, categorized by team members and tasks.
    • Clients join Slack for immediate collaboration with the our Consulting team.
  • Meetings with customers


    Maintaining ongoing communication is vital for achieving success.

    • At the end of each 2-week sprint a meeting is held with both your team and ours.
    • We present the accomplishments of that time.
    • Gather feedback on previous and upcoming sprints.
    • If changes are requested, The project manager collaborates with the development team.
    • Ensures timely implementation of requested changes.
  • Going Live


    You are now prepared to unveil your project to the world.

    • Our team will develop a plan for migrating to the new infrastructure.
    • A final security audit will be conducted, reviewing security groups, user accounts, and key rotations.
    • Our development team will work closely with you to facilitate a seamless transition.
    • Verification of optimal performance for all services will be ensured.
  • Ongoing support


    The journey continues post-launch.

    • Following a successful transition, we maintain regular contact, offering ongoing support and continuous development services.
    • Regular billing audits are conducted to ensure expenditures align with the allocated budget.
    • Additional documentation is prepared to aid in using and implementing your new software solution or infrastructure. This often includes infrastructure diagrams, flow charts of network requests, or any other visual aids.
    • Should you decide to embark on a new project, we guide you through the same seamless process.