Revolutionized monitoring solution for B2B products company

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Revolutionized monitoring solution for B2B products company

Customer Overview

Our customer is based in the USA and provides B2B solutions. They have a vast array of servers, approximately 400, which include both Linux and Windows infrastructure. These servers are hosted in a hybrid setup, utilizing both their internal data center and a cloud provider.


There were two major problems with monitoring solution.

  • They were using nagios as their monitoring solution. Nagios is not designed to accommodate dynamic environments. Its configuration is static, which makes it cumbersome and complex to integrate into automated provisioning processes.Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that Nagios lacks scalability as one of its key weaknesses.

  • Nagios primarily relies on periodic checks, which means it may not provide real-time monitoring capabilities out of the box. Depending on the configuration, there can be a delay between the occurrence of an issue and its detection.


Monitoring is a crucial part for any mission critical applications to be monitored. This helps to
identify the issue even before the customers call and complain about the website. This helps
the teams to proactively fix any potential issues. Which can avoid business impact.

Our provided solutions contains multiple levels of monitoring


Monitor any endpoint like website homepage or any api endpoints for a successful response
code. Alert incase of any failure


  • Helps identify issues on how the code is behaving in production

  • Any memory leaks

  • Dead locks

  • Heap/stack

  • Backend Performance


Critical metrics are to be monitored of the system where the code is running whether it be
web server/application server or database server.

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Disk

In this remarkable project, our expert engineers accomplished the following tasks, bringing seamless monitoring:

Build Inventory:

All the servers and their related information was available in their IMDB. Used the IMDB api to build Ansible hosts inventory.

Effortless Prometheus Setup:

Our team specializes in Prometheus configuration and has set up Prometheus with precision. You can rely on their expertise to ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation, so you can start monitoring your systems in no time.

Node Exporter Installation Made Easy:

Leveraging their proficiency in Ansible, our expert engineers developed a powerful playbook that effortlessly installs the Node Exporter on various EC2 machines. Say goodbye to manual installation steps and embrace automation for efficient monitoring.

Auto Discovery of New Nodes:

With their expertise in Prometheus, our team implemented EC2 service discovery to enable automatic detection of any newly provisioned nodes. Your system will be seamlessly monitored, without the need for manual intervention when new nodes are added.

Expanded Monitoring Capabilities:

Our expert engineers went beyond the basics and set up additional exporters for enhanced monitoring:

MySQL Exporter:

They successfully configured the MySQL Exporter and created a dedicated scrape job to monitor MySQL instances. Keep a close eye on your database performance effortlessly.

Redis Exporter:

By setting up the Redis Exporter, they established a dedicated scrape job to monitor your Redis instances. Stay informed about the vital metrics of your Redis deployments.

RabbitMQ Exporter:

Our expert engineers seamlessly integrated the RabbitMQ Exporter into your monitoring setup, enabling a dedicated scrape job to keep track of your RabbitMQ messaging systems. Monitor queues, exchanges, and more with ease.

Blackbox Exporter:

They implemented the Blackbox Exporter to monitor all your important URLs. Rest assured that your critical web services are constantly checked for availability and responsiveness.

Intelligent Alerting:

To ensure you never miss crucial system events, our expert engineers expertly configured alerts to be sent to various notification channels such as Slack and PagerDuty. Stay informed and take proactive actions based on real-time alerts.

Take Action Now!

Don't settle for mediocre monitoring solutions. Contact our expert engineers today to discuss how our portfolio work example can transform the way you monitor your systems and applications. With their expertise in Prometheus, Ansible, and extensive knowledge of exporters, they will help you establish an end-to-end monitoring system that elevates your operational efficiency and ensures optimal performance.

Don't hesitate! Reach out to us now, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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