Transforming Investment Management with DevOps Solutions

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Transforming Investment Management with DevOps Solutions

Client Background:

JupiterInvestments is a personal investment management company that oversees a portfolio of 5 million USD AUM. As the company continued to grow, they faced significant challenges with their trading strategy bot, which was experiencing performance issues and causing financial losses. Additionally, their outdated code release management process was cumbersome, manual, and prone to errors.

Client's Goal:

To address their trading strategy bot's performance issues, testing bot on huge dataset and streamline their code release management, JupiterInvestments decided to seek external assistance. They enlisted the services of, a reputable DevOps solutions provider, to help them transform their trading bot infrastructure and implement an efficient end-to-end CI/CD pipeline.

Tasrie IT's Solution:

Tasrie IT, known for providing cutting-edge DevOps solutions and services, took on the challenge to revamp jupiterinvestments' trading bot infrastructure. The first step involved migrating the bot to a highly scalable environment on Kubernetes. This move ensured that the bot could handle increasing trade volumes and minimize performance issues and bottlenecks.

The next critical aspect of the solution was the implementation of a comprehensive CI/CD pipeline. Tasrie IT designed and implemented an automated CI/CD pipeline that facilitated seamless code deployment from development to QA and production environments. The pipeline was equipped with quality control mechanisms and protection gates, ensuring that only stable and tested code made it to production.


The CI/CD solution provided by Tasrie IT brought about significant improvements for jupiterinvestments:

Faster Release Cycles: With the new CI/CD pipeline, jupiterinvestments could quickly release new features and bug fixes to their trading bot. This agility in deployment reduced manual efforts and accelerated the time-to-market for critical updates.

Testing: Their huge data set is moved to cloud based solution. Which led to the faster testing and stability of the system. 

Enhanced Developer Productivity: The automated pipeline freed up the development team from laborious manual tasks related to code release management. As a result, developers could focus more on enhancing the trading bot and adding new features, leading to continuous improvement.

Improved Performance and Scalability: The migration to Kubernetes and the auto-scalable infrastructure design resulted in enhanced performance and reduced bottlenecks. Traders could now make informed decisions promptly, thanks to the improved responsiveness of the trading bot.


Tasrie IT's DevOps solutions brought transformative changes to JupiterInvestments investment management practices. The modernized trading bot infrastructure, along with the automated CI/CD pipeline, significantly improved performance, reduced manual efforts, and enabled faster releases of new features and bug fixes. As a result, jupiterinvestments could efficiently manage their investments, stay competitive, and meet the evolving demands of the financial market.

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